Harmon, Linder & Rogowsky Reviews Questions You Should Ask Your Attorney during a Free Consultation

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One of the ways you can help yourself if you are seeking a personal injury lawsuit is by preparing. You can rest assured that the insurance company that could be up for a big loss will find the best attorneys that it can find. It is up to you to find the best as well.

A firm like Harmon, Linder & Rogowsky reviews the latest cases regarding personal injury law to determine where decisions are going. In addition to that, Harmon, Linder & Rogowsky reviews which lawyers are doing big things in the industry as well those young up and comers right out of law school. Harmon, Linder & Rogowsky strives to always provide its clients with the best. This is why the firm, overall, has won hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements for its clients.

One of the ways Harmon, Linder & Rogowsky makes sure its lawyers are matched with clients that have a viable case is through the consultation process. Harmon, Linder & Rogowsky offers every potential client with a free consultation. This is where the attorney can ask questions about the client’s situation, the details of what happened, and what the client’s expectations are. If the attorney sees that there is a potential case, he or she will provide the client with potential next steps.

However, the free consultation is also the time for the client to ask the attorney questions to make sure he or she is a good fit. If not, the client can request a different attorney at the firm or go to a different practice altogether. Some of the questions an individual should ask might include the following:

  • Do you have experience practicing personal injury law?
  • What have been some of your best victories? Have you experienced any crushing deaths?
  • How do you communicate with your clients? Do you have a team or will I be speaking with you primarily?
  • What do you see are my chances and do you think I have a case?
  • How do you bill?

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